about Denis Blanchet, Founder of dBVibroAcoustics and dBPorous

" Since 2011 Denis Blanchet cooperated with the German Wind Noise Working Group composed of Audi, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen. Denis contributed to the development of a new numerical approach that allows to describe and estimate the interior wind noise using CFD generated surface pressure distribution. He has a broad knowledge in SEA-, BEM- and FEM-Methods such that we had a valuable collaboration with him for related validation experiments. "

Andreas Businger, Volker Schwarz, Joerg Ocker, Michael Hartmann

Audi AG, Daimler AG, Porsche AG, Volkswagen AG

, German Wind Noise Working Group

" Sometime, when you are facing a specific problem, you need help from outside to bring the little push needed to take the next step. You need a problem solver. But sometime, the problem seems so unclear that you can't even see where to begin. On those times you need a solution finder. With someone like Denis, you will have this kind of help on your most challenging problem or project. When thinking outside the box is the only way, you will need a solution finder. Innovation and creativity are combined with an exceptional technical talent and that makes the sky not even a limit to the imagination of Denis. "

Steve Croteau, Ing

Production manager

Moderco, Canada

" I had the opportunity to work with Denis as he was Engineering Services Manager at ESI-Group. I appreciate his ability to interpret and orient our needs in the right perspective and to adequate solutions. His experience on simulation-solutions in the automotive industry qualify Denis as a valuable partner. I wish him a successful start in the new business. "

Dr. Arnaud Bocquillet

Airborne Noise Platform Performance Manager Airborne Noise Methodology Expert

BMW Group, Germany

" Denis gave our team a very intense 2-day kickstart on how to solve our vibro-acoustic problems using VA One. This was followed by very responsive support including customized scripts that helped us to speed up our daily work. "

Christian Blank

Mechanical Engineer

Airbus Defence and Space, Germany

" Denis is a worldwide reference in vibro-acoustics. He has been in the industry for so long and he has a proven track-record in solving tough vibro-acoustic challenges. Besides his tremendous experience in vibro-acoustics, he is innovative and very effective in defining and developing tools and simulation processes to improve the vibro-acoustics performance during product design and development. Denis is also very good at communicating, when listening to Denis, whether during a conversation or a presentation, even if highly technical, it is always very accessible and seems so easy to understand. Denis is a very nice person to work with, he always shows a high work ethics and sets the bar high. I'd definitely recommend Denis to anyone needing assistance in vibro-acoustics "

Dr. Rabah Hadjit

Technical Manager - Vibro-Acoustics

ESI Group, USA

" Based on my cooperation with Denis as a member of ESI Group I have learned that he has large experience within vibro-acoustics. He provided very beneficial and efficient support to develop advanced vibro-acoustic helicopter models. Denis is a true professional who is very reliable and I enjoyed working with him. "

Rolf Schatz

Research & Development

Airbus Helicopters, Germany

" I have been working with Denis Blanchet on various vibro-acoustic projects since 2008. He has always impressed me with his ability to bring an effective industrial solution out of many scientific researches and theories. His scientific background, broad experience in vibro-acoustics, personal approach and infinite energy makes him a strong partner for any company. "

Dr. Jan Kralicek

NVH Simulation

Porsche AG, Germany

" I have had the privilege of working with Denis Blanchet on several projects using measurements and computer analyses to model the noise and vibration of vehicles and engines. As the project manager Denis was effective in coordinating the many complicated activities to bring the projects to successful completion. Denis is a leader in applying Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) to noise and vibration problems. His active participation in conferences on this subject has been a great benefit to the profession. "

Richard G. DeJong, Sc. D.

Professor Emeritus of Engineering

Calvin College, USA

" Working with Denis is a real pleasure. He brings a rare combination of top notch technical skills, creativity, and a warm, gregarious personality that compels people to find a way to work with him. You'll want him on your team. "

Doug Mandic

Simulation Lead, Global Automotive

Autodesk, USA

" Denis Blanchet consulted us during building a SEA representation of our 6R tractor cab with ESI Software VAOne. I can highly recommend Denis because of his very deep knowledge of acoustic theory, correlation testing and of course modeling. He is one of the most empathic persons I have worked with in my whole career and it was always a pleasure to have him here in Mannheim working with our team. "

Nils Wilken

Engineer, Global Mid Tractor Product Verification & Validation, Noise Vibration and Harshness

John Deere Werk Mannheim, Germany

" Mr. Blanchet has so many experience in noise prediction technology of marine projects (including cargo ships and Offshore-Platforms). He has open attitude, transparency, strong will to help others, understand the simulation concepts, he also have great patience, positive attitude and friendly personality. He is a very trustworthy person. "

Xiahou Mingsheng

Senior Engineer

Marine Design & Research Institute of China (MARIC), China

" I am very pleased to recommend Denis Blanchet as a highly skilled and clever consultant in the vibro-acoustic field. I firstly met him in the 90's when he was doing his mechanical engineering Bachelor and his vibro-acoustic Master at Sherbrooke University. I hired him as an intern and I supported his master project. He has worked directly under my supervision and I have no hesitation in recommending him. He is energetic, he pays attention to details and he is a goal-oriented person. He is pleasant to work with and has a good sense of humour. One of his big quality, he loves to solve complex problems. As focus he can be on solving them in one hand, he is able to vulgarize clearly for a none NVH specialist on the other hand. "Bonne chance Denis" in your new engagement and long life "

Gaetan Lecours

Principal Eng, NVH Team Leader

Bombardier Recreational Products, Canada